About Skye Farm Gourmet garlic

Skye Farm:

Skye Farm is a family business  that gets by with a little help from our friends the garlic patch is located in Grindrod BC, just north of Enderby BC.

While not ceritified organic; we use sustainable farming methods to produce quality garlic second to none. We hire local young people to help with the planting, weeding and harvesting of the garlic. We can be found at various local farmer's markets, seed swaps and as another roadside attraction in  several different locations. Get on our email list to find out when and where visit our facebook page for more info Skye Farm Gourmet Garlic on Facebook

What We Offer

skye farm crystal garlic

dried ground gourmet garlic in a spice jar

skye farm dilled pickled garlic

cloves of gourmet garlic pickled w/ dill

skye farm gourmet garlic

Red Russian Garlic

12 varieties of gourmet garlic for eating or planting

"yugo", "French", Red Russian, Purple Russian, Tibetan, Italian,

German Red,Ukranian, Spanish Ajo, China Rose, Filipino, Elephant Garlic

skye farm pickled garlic scapes

sometimes described as asparagus garlic, the scapes (stems) of garlic are pickled

in our own pickle

skye farm pickled garlic w/ asian flavours

cloves of gourmet garlic pickled in an asian flavoured pickle

skye farm pickled garlic w/ mediteranean flavours

cloves of gourmet garlic pickled in an mediteranean flavoured pickle